Make every day Earth Day

the challenge \\ Earth Day 2020 is the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day event held in the United States, and organizations around the globe are gearing up to make the celebration unlike any other. The Earth Year Challenge invites you to start the celebration on January 1st, 2020, making every day Earth Day. Each month of the new year will have a central theme, with related goals. The challenge is to create change in your life to reduce your impact on our home, the planet Earth. Below is an overview of the Earth Year Challenge. For more detail, find monthly updates on the next page, titled 'this month' , or join our mailing list.

Take a look at how your lifestyle impacts the planet. Tasks to help understand your role in our global ecosystem. Head over to this month to see what this month's challenge is.

Mindfulness/What do I know?

01 — January

How much plastic is in your kitchen? How much of your food depends on plastic?

Plastics in the Kitchen

02 — February

How much plastic is in your trash bin each week? What could you change, reduce, or reuse?

Waste in your House

03 — March

What parts of your lifestyle produce the most carbon? 


04 — April

Where in the world does your food come from? Is it organic and local or from thousands of miles away?


05 — May

Oxybenzone in sunscreen, plastics from our washing machines... what else is there? 

The small stuff

06 — June

Which corporations do you support? Where do they put their profits?

Follow the money

07 — July

How do you get from point A to point B? Do you carpool or ride your bike? What would it take to change?


08 — August

Give back to whichever community you choose, try to educate whenever possible!


09 — September

Election season is upon us...what is on your ballot? Who do you support and why?

Spread the Word

10 — October

Black Friday sales are everywhere! But do you really need anything new? Could you find the same thing used?


11 — November

What could you do again/better next year? How has this year changed your lifestyle?


12 — December

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