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Going live...finally!

After much delay, it is our privilege to share the Earth Year Project with you! Our hope was to share our website in time for Earth Day this year (2019), but better late than never, right? Here's an overview of the site, and a brief introduction on what our goals are.

The site is set up in four major portions: Earth Year Project Stories, Earth Year Challenge, Earth Year Facts, and Marina's Corner. 'Stories' updates you on our most recent happenings, what's going on and what we're up to. The 'Challenge' is set up to begin introducing readers to our style of motivation, getting us all prepared for the real deal in January 2020, when the Earth Year Challenge fully begins. In 'Facts' you can find pieces of information that we find interesting, with select articles detailing 'a little more' about specific facts that we think need more explanation. Marina's Corner is all about, well, Marina! She is the founder of our site, and will share her personal story in her blog entitled 'Thoughts'.

If you have a minute to take a look around, please do! Our goal is to help create everyday change for a more sustainable planet.

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