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Here we go!

The Earth Year Challenge is starting! Are you with us?

Photo credit goes to Sheri Bastien, fellow eXXpedition ambassador

We're a few days late, but we're here and it's time to start the challenge! January is all about mindfulness and thinking about how our lifestyle affects the earth. See the 'this month' page for more information.

Our mission, firstly, is to make every day earth day. Secondly, we hope to make bite-size chunks of change so we don't get overwhelmed and stop. Don't try to do everything! Just do what you can and it will make a difference. With that in mind, please be patient with us. Our founder Marina is a graduate student and has a busy schedule. Posts for the challenge may be late, far between, or nonexistent. We apologize! Marina needs to take her own advice but here she is, starting a blog and trying to spread the word.

We hope the Earth Year Project, and the Earth Year Challenge help inspire you to make changes in your everyday life. Five minutes spent scrolling through Facebook or instagram could be spent here instead! Take a read through the site, subscribe to our mailing list, and see what five minutes can do to change your impact on the planet.

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